l always wanted to have a sense that creation of architecture is like playing a musical instrument. In this experiment I used Voronoi Python script. Form movement is controlled by sound frequency. 

Screen shot 2011-02-06 at 00.44.49.png
Screen shot 2011-02-06 at 00.44.57.png

Media Responsive Facades

DisplaceD is a deformer which driven by a 2D/3D Texture Nodes. You can deform every geometrys with your own painted Textures, or simply procedual textures. Cool thing about this Plug-in is that it gives instant feedback. After desired texture map was aplied displacement is driven by the audio frequency.

Two systems combined. One uses the AudioWave Node, second is well know attractor surface tiling method. I connected frequency of input sound to translate X of the attractor sphere. As the frequency changes, each primitive should adjust individually. Unfortunately AudioWave Node available in Maya can only analyze the frequency.

Music: Kangding Ray - mai (Stabil) Raster-Noton 73 2006