In this experiment I used Voronoi Python script. Form movement is controlled by sound frequency. 

Screen shot 2011-02-06 at 00.44.49.png
Screen shot 2011-02-06 at 00.44.57.png

Media Responsive Facades

DisplaceD is Maya deformer which is driven by a 2D/3D Texture Node. It can deform any geometry with own textures, or simply procedural textures. The cool thing about this plug-in is that it gives instant feedback. Displacement is driven by the sound frequency.

Two systems combined. One uses the AudioWave Node, second is well know attractor surface tiling method. I connected frequency of input sound to translate X of the attractor sphere. As the frequency changes, each primitive should adjust individually. Unfortunately AudioWave Node available in Maya can only analyze the frequency.

Music: Kangding Ray - mai (Stabil) Raster-Noton 73 2006