The design is based on experiments with forms of identification based on the mutual relations man - space- the film and their motivation in the form of space. The main intention of this project is to interact with the human sense of vision. Throughout geometric deformation, repetition, and fragmentation, the projection screen alters the way we perceive and experience space. The intention of interaction in this project is inspired by the film which used an innovative technique of movie assembly. Interaction is based on illusion; pulling recipient into the movie emitted inside the installation. So overlapping of two bodies: the recipient and the film. such as double exposure which applies Vertov.


Man with a Movie Camera was made in 1929. Dziga Vertov has been recording the image of Moscow, through the cameraman's eyes. Hundreds of prospects, a great assembly and a great element of filming. Vertov, not just recorded reality but create it again using the powerful eye of the camera. Unusual rhythmic statements provoke associations shots, images of everyday life collide with pictures of the process of creating a film work.

Man With A Movie Camera copy-03.png