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The Dynamo Primer

The Dynamo Primer

Seems like a great way to start with Dynamo for Revit.

LAVA//AXON Workshop

LAVA//AXON Workshop

The aim of the workshop is the realisation of a 1:1 kinetic ceiling in our LAVA office in Stuttgart. More info at

First open workshop organized by LAVA in collaboration with  Bollinger + Grohmann. Should be a lot of fun.

Sitting Is Killing

I hate sitting so much and oh boy as an architect you have to sit a lot. I stand or walk whenever I have a change. When I started to study architecture I didn't even think that long sitting for days can bother me so much. I just assumed it as a nature of our profession. And then I started to experiencing how daunting and destructive sitting is. We just have to try design a building avoiding sitting all week in front of computer screen. It's possible.

your 3D online

It's amazing how smooth it can handle my almost 700K faces model in the browser. I found its engine much better among other polular services like sketchfab.

"The Handjob-Industrial Complex"

Extremely funny rumbling about improving future. However vision of solitude condos is quite outdated for me. It is upsetting hearing about sad future in solo houses, solo cars and solo masturbation. Car sharing, apartment sharing, crowdsourcing is much more futuristic and most likely overtake the future.

Under pressure

“Get rid of your ASAP requests” by Rodrigo Medina

Valuable thought for those who work in high pressure environments.