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"... daring adventure or nothing"

I took some time off from the website and I just realized that it has been over 8 months since my last post. It was a busy year for me. I relocated from Berlin to Singapore (that's a topic for future work post) and since then I was lucky enough to have time and opportunity travel to more exotic places. 

Recently visited Siargao Island in the Philippines with its lush landscapes, unpredictable weather and friendly locals have totally blown me away. 

I guess I'm even worse at blogging that I'm at surfing. 

Weekend in Phuket: "Never fall in love in Thai prostitute"

Weekend in Phuket: "Never fall in love in Thai prostitute"

My body and brain needed a break from traditional Thai gym regime. I drove to Phuket for a weekend. My hotel? Oh, how good it was to have cold air and flushed toiled in the room. It was located in the old town. As soon as I checked in, I rented out a motorbike, which wasn't so easy as in other parts of Thailand ( will get to it later) and went to explore the island. It is big and divided into different areas. Place where I stayed was mostly inhabited by the locals and I liked it so. However, I could not resist the impression almost everyone has negative attitude towards the tourists. I had to talk motorbike rental owner round to give me a bike a bike to a day. Maybe it was when he sow  bruises on my shins. These were obviously from hitting heavy bags. Seconds impression I got is that everyone here is trying to screw me over my whole money. I could not understood this negative attitude until I drove me up to Patong beach. Yes, I went there. It's a very vivid place. Next day I met up with the fighters from Berlin in their fighting village. It's quite astounding how organised and accessible for foreign fighters (or even their yoga/cross fit girlfriends) has that one street of Phuket island became. Next up was Sunday fight night at the Bangla Stadium. I learned how Thai boys became a men in the ring and how "Farangs" miserably try to compete with Thai fighters. Overall Patong is a place where women get abused in a hotel room and men inside boxing ring.

yours truly

writing to you from an old, stinky 13h Bus to Bankok. 

Phuket Old Town

Wat Chalong, Chalong, Thailand

Big Congrats to Ratachai Gym. Two KO wins in one night. 

Big Congrats to Ratachai Gym. Two KO wins in one night. 

How boys became men in Thailand.