Right from the beginning I would like to notice that I don’t want to give a full review of the workshop and its output ( there will be a more comprehensive and full description provided by the organizators), but simply give a personal feeling and impression from my point of view.

Day after CampusParty Europe ended, me and Kuba went to Belgium to attend Object Oriented Workshop. We came there by Sunday afternoon. As soon as we log in our room in probably the ugliest, hence the cheapest hostel around, we took our chance to tour the beautifully city of Ghent. Ghent is an exceptional city with its architectural monuments from medieval to modernism. According to local sources, Belgium is the eclectic country architecture-wise in Europe. After couple of beers no one felt exertion after previous week. With Kuba’s unusual ability to encounter people, we met a few locals. Day before actual workshop finished drinking shots and strong Belgian beers until early morning. From the next day we had to up and running for the acute, intense work. On the third day we dropped tutorial part of the workshop and team up in fives. We joined forces with guys from Germany who came from the office with similar name to my previous work. The real party started. Ghent is a student’s city with student’s party street Overpoort. Even by the time we were there the semester has not started yet we found a lot of places to go and amuse ourself.

Being late and hangover was almostt my hallmark ( I deliberately write “I” instead of “we” not to be inequitable to my team-mates), but at the same time willing to push project forward. Anyhow the 

collaboration within our group 

went successfully and we accomplished the design project.

 Overall atmosphere was incredible productive in many aspects. For me it was a real pleasure to be there, work with people who share similar architectural mindset and for being tutored and infected with the idea of Object Oriented Design.