About the project / The Project is an adaptation of Art Nouveau building located in the city center near the main station. Rising building dates back to 1886. The second phase of adaptation was the installation of an elevator in 1913. Currently, the state of the lift does not meet the standards of use. Wood-steel mezzanine was built was in 1985. Latest adaptive treatment - a new boiler at the level of 9.95, was executed in 1990. Property currently serves as the theatrical costume store. Wood-steel construction is heavily exploited. It can be removed in favor of a new independent structure. The main criterion for protection of historic and architectural integrity of the structure is a brick facade building and maintaining the proportion of object. In particular, the proportion and the maximum loft above the cornice. All front doors have neither historical or architectural value - should be replaced. 

Working Model:


Form Finding:


An early preview renders of my last project, which is still in development stage. The roof structure is composed of segments, arrangement is driven by front facade rhythm. The elements of internal structure are designed in order to leads you thru gallery spaces.

digital secession rndr_03