• Project was implemented for two semesters. The task for the first semester was to develop ideas. The second semester assumed completion of the project including architectural drawings, 1:50 sections and details.
  • The project aims to design a furniture factory with profile manufacturing containing: assembly, and the sales of furniture for households and houses. Adapting to current building standards, marketing and trade distribution.
  • I started with initial sketches and some mindmapping to find the design path:

    The idea behind the project is to create a spatial structure that will contain all the necessary functions. In order to segregate functions into one unified structure streamline theory was applied. The main functional communication sequences were deposited in the form of curves on two-dimensional network of closed contour lines of the object. Thanks to this operation functional separation is accented by the variations of the structure.  

    • Second Semester:
    • The construction of pipes in the shape of the deformed honeycomb has become too complicated to complete the project by the end of the semester in 1:50 scale deatils. I decided to use the technique described as “Design and Architectural Panelization of Freeform-Surfaces by Planar Quadrilateral Meshes” I took the base shell structure and applied quads on it.


    CAD Drawings:

    Interior Renderings:

    Exterior Views:

    Finished Project: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Factory-Structure/889830