My 2015 Year of LAVA

2015 a year of LAVA in postcard

Hard work of 3 teams of young, eager and talented people lead to 3 big building sites spread across the globe. 

MMA Sparring

From construction drawings in Revit to MMA sparring with the champion.

Take your time

I was raised without a father therefore I though most of the things by myself. I feel I have very strong self learning nature and I love to try new things. I met my father when I was 16 and by then he told me: “Whatever you want to do in your life do it the best you can. Do one thing but be the best at it”. I knew from all the things that I tried I wanted to do architecture. 

Now I’m 28 and it’s probably to late for me to become a professional skateboarder, professional boxer or pro MTG player, however I discovered enormous joy of activity called hobby. 

I love doing architecture and it is something that I committed professionally but taking my time for hobbies helps me be motivated and fresh. My biggest resolution in 2015 was to find a hobby, find a way to disconnect from work. I felt very limited, mono-thematic and bored for a long time now. Even when I was going out for a drink, architecture and work were dominant topics between my friends who are also for the most part architects. 

What helped me to stick with my resolution was to rediscover old passions instead of finding new ones. A local game shop is just around my place. One can go there any time to play, trade and meet new people. It’s fantastic. Magic the gathering recalls my middle school times, when I used to play with my best friends. It’s a great fun to occasionally play it again. 

I was writing about before that sitting 10 hour per day is killing. So doing sport as an afterwork activity was sure option. The problem was that I quickly started to hate going to gym. It’s a concept where people spend little time to get big result. It’s extremely efficient but moving machine handles while staring at wake boarders, motocross events, modeling in Bali or skateboarding tricks on huge TV’s mounted all over the fitness center onto a wall seems like a lie and illusion from 1984 Big Brother. You artificially train your body, just to make up for the whole day of sitting in office. Wait a moment, did I say skateboarding? I had been dreaming to be professional skateboarder when I was 13. Now I try get on my new skateboard whenever I can. 

There are many more things  you can do to draw a line between work and private life. If you have fixed time activity then you know you have to leave the office on time. That helps. Even when it’s only once per week you show respect to yourself. You don’t have sacrifice your life for someone’s else dream. Time your time and live your own dream.

Easy technology

I'm not sure what Mr. Wu exactly meant by easy technology. Is it easy access to a technology or is it ease of use of digital technology. Either way I do not think demanding and easy technology is a choice. In last 20 years digital technology became more accessible for people but it does not mean that it became trivial to use within its limits. From the other hand through time and progression people familiarize with technologies and some task are getting more simple. More complex tasks are might be accomplished easier. I believe it is embedded in human nature. One can see that well in sports. Most of the extreme sports are considered challenging to master yet evolution and development of technology, namely sports equipment makes it easier to master.

Going back to consumer electronic technology. Thanks to iPhone and other devices alike one gets access master technology one the more advanced level. It was President Obama himself who said: “Don’t Just Play on Your Phone, Program It”. I see more and more initiatives that encourage even more and more people to start mastering digital technologies. It is evolution.

My girlfriend got her first laptop relatively late, when she was around 20. When we met, digital technology was for her very off-putting and demotivating. Some time ago I got her iPhone and iPad. She admits that thanks to these devices she became more confident and encouraged to move around digital universe. Now she is sitting next to me and fearlessly is learning to use photoshop and illustrator. 

The Dynamo Primer

The Dynamo Primer

Seems like a great way to start with Dynamo for Revit.

LAVA//AXON Workshop

LAVA//AXON Workshop

The aim of the workshop is the realisation of a 1:1 kinetic ceiling in our LAVA office in Stuttgart. More info at

First open workshop organized by LAVA in collaboration with  Bollinger + Grohmann. Should be a lot of fun.


Okay I don't want to sound cocky but  the name is very similar to my website name. Nonetheless the book look worth looking at. Cheers